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Replacement Acetyl Nose Cones used to regulate the depth of  cut when deep engraving, available in three types :

Small: For use when engraving text or grapics using a fine size cutter.

Medium: for use when engraving text or grapics using a medium size cutter.

Extra Long: Specially made for use when engraving trophy plinths.

To use this accessory on the GEM-RX, GEM-RX4, GEM-RX5, GEM-FX, GEM-FX4 and GEM-FX5 you will have to have purchased the Acetyl Vernier Adapter (part no. AC-00102 ).

On the Universal, GEM-CX and Compact these accessories fit the standard stainless steel Vernier.

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Acetyl Nose Cones

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Manufactured by U-MARQ Ltd in the United Kingdom.

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