CO2 Laser Machines

CO2 Laser Machines


The U-MARQ Laser Systems Advantages


U-MARQ have now decided after working with some of the worlds leading industrial Laser Marking, Cutting and Engraving machines manufacturers during the last 25 years, it was time to design and manufacturer our own Lasers.


U-MARQ have spent the last three years developing a complete new electronics and software systems for CO2 Laser Cutters and Engravers using water cooled DC Exited Glass tubes or air cooled RF Metal - Ceramic Laser Sources. All U-MARQ Laser Systems are manufactured in the UK by U-MARQ Ltd. U-MARQ have designed many special unique ways to vastly improve the quality and speed of engraving and cutting whether you choose the cheaper DC Exited or more sophisticated RF Laser source. With easy to use but fully functioning software, optimised cutting and engraving tool paths giving you the best production times in the business.

All U-MARQ Laser System come with a 2 year limited liability warranty (see U-MARQ Laser Systems Warranty Document).


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