Crystal Tag Starter Kit

Crystal Tag Starter Kit
Product Code: CRT-02000
Price: £82.00

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Colours may vary slightly from those shown.

Crystal Tag Starter Kit contains:

1 off DIS-00104 Display Board for your counter top
2 of each GLT-00010 27mm Paw Shape, Blue, Red, Green,Gold, Pink and Purple.
2 of each CRT-00050 27 mm Chrome Plated Bone Shape, Blue, Pink and Red.
2 of each CRT-00070 30mm Disc / Paw Imprint & Stones, Red, Purple, Light Blue, Black and Pink.
3 of each CRT-00010 38mm Aluminium Bone with  Stones, Red, Black, Purple, Dark Blue and Pink.
3 of each GLT-01000 25mm Disc with Large Paw Imprint, Light Blue, Purple, Red, Pink and Black.

59 Items.

Contents may vary due to stock levels, quantity and value will stay the same.

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