For Him

For Him


Specially select gifts from our extensive range especially for the man in your life. Be it a birthday, father’s day or you just wish to say a special thank you, any of these will be sure to please.

These are only available to purchase through our on line shop.

Art Deco Pill Box.

Art Deco Pill Box

Product Code: GHE-01536

£2.99 £4.82

Car Keyring

Carkey Keyring

Product Code: GMK-13100

£1.75 £2.99

Dog Keyring.

Dog Keyring

Product Code: GMK-13173

£2.25 £3.75

Glitzy Beetle Car Keyring.

Glitzy Beetle Car Keyring

Product Code: GMK-13153

£4.25 £5.75

Kitty Charm Keyring.

Kitty Charm Keyring

Product Code: GMK-13174

£2.25 £3.75

Engravable Rectanglar Pitch Mark Repairers.

Rectanglar Pitch Mark Repairers

Product Code: TAS-00037

£2.99 £4.25

Engravable Regular Pitch Mark Repairer.

Regular Pitch Mark Repairer

Product Code: TAS-00038

£2.50 £4.95

Stainless Steel 3oz Hip Flask.

Stainless Steel 3oz Hip Flask

Product Code: GBA-02256

£4.25 £5.25

Engravable Anodised Aluminium Bookmarks.

Anodised Aluminium Bookmarks

Product Code: GDE-00010

£2.00 £5.50

Engravable Anodised Aluminium Bottle Opener.

Anodised Aluminium Bottle Opener

Product Code: TAG-00099

£2.50 £5.50

Engravable Brushed Stainless Steel 6oz Hip Flask.

Brushed Stainless Steel 6oz Hip Flask

Product Code: GBA-00111

£2.50 £3.99

Chrome Champagne Stopper.

Chrome Champagne Stopper

Product Code: GBA-02208

£3.50 £4.95

Chrome Cufflink Box.

Chrome Cufflink Box

Product Code: GHI-00806

£2.99 £4.95

Letter Opener in a Shiny Metal Sheath.

Letter Opener in a Shiny Metal Sheath

Product Code: GDE-01020

£5.20 £6.21

Rectangular Silver Brushed Cufflink.

Rectangular Silver Brushed Cufflink

Product Code: GHI-00828

£2.25 £3.04

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