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  • GEM-FX Engraving an Electrical Socket 
  • GEM-FX5 Engraved Wooden Door Stop 
  • Long Shot of a GEM-FX5 Engraving Slate 
  • MAT 00601 Shiny Silver Trophy Aluminium 
  • Small Clock 
  • GEM-CX5 Engraving Trophy Plates 
  • Engraved Laminate Sign 
  • GEM FX Cut Out Jewellery 

Latest News

Pinned  Indonesian Scam Site

10 03 2017 09:35 AM | administrator in Latest News

Indonesian Scam Site

http://www.godesignsupply.com/ also http://www.hendrik-wijaya.com/

Have raised it's ugly head again. Anyone dealings with this site will not get any products and will probably have their credit card maxed out or bank account cleared.

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Pinned  Software Builds December 2016

21 12 2016 03:55 PM | madmin in Latest News

As of December 2016 there are two builds of software available on the U-MARQ webshop.

The 1538 build is specifically for Serial controllers, this is applicable if using a USB to Serial or straight Serial connection
The 1540 build is specifically for USB controllers with a straight USB cable connection between machine and PC.

If installing the software on to a newly purchased Windows 10 computer, it may be necessary to install full Windows updates.

This process can take some time and will be dependent upon internet connection.

Unfortunately we are unaware of a method of definitively determining the status of updates but suggest leaving the PC for a period, then using the Windows Restart process to install required updates, before installing the engraving software.

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Pinned  Quick Start Guides Updated

19 05 2016 08:41 AM | madmin in Latest News

Check out the latest version of the Quick Start Guides for the U-MARQ engraving machine range.

Link - You will need a forum account and be logged in to access

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Pinned  Windows 10 Compatibility

13 10 2015 07:36 AM | madmin in Latest News

After a period of testing U-MARQ is pleased to say we have encountered no issues at present with installing and running the latest build (1538) of the U-MARQ Vistool version 8 software on Windows 10.
More information after the break.....

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Pinned  Beta Testing

02 09 2015 11:52 AM | administrator in Latest News

We are looking for Beta Testers for the next release of Vistool engraving software, "Vistool-XE". This will be available for all U-MARQ Machines and will introduce many radical advanced functions to enhance your engraving capabilities. During the Beta Test period we expect regular feedback from the testers on bugs, function operations and anything you feel need to be changed.

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Pinned  U-MARQ Engravers more than you think

20 08 2015 01:04 PM | madmin in Latest News

To illustrate the capabilites of the U-MARQ engravers we’ve recently added videos to our forum showing the potential of engravers.

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Pinned  U-MARQ latest news

24 04 2015 01:59 PM | madmin in Latest News

To get the latest news about U-MARQ developments and software updates, follow us on Facebook or on Twitter.

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Pinned  The U-MARQ Video Guide to our Forum

13 02 2015 01:37 PM | madmin in Latest News

Check out the video showing why and how to use our forum.

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Pinned  Vistool 8 Build 1538 Update

15 11 2013 08:19 PM | administrator in Latest News

We have just released the latest build 1538 of all versions of U-MARQ Engraving Software; this contains third party driver updates for Windows 8.1. This version is tested and compatible with Windows 8 and 8.1. This release is also fully compatible with Windows XP (with service packs 1, 2 and3), Vista 32/64 bit and Windows 7 32/64 bit these files are in ZIP format and must be UNZIPED correctly to function properly. Please read the PDF instructions contained in the ZIP file before installing. These are available to download at https://www.u-marq.c...-downloads.html

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Pinned  EU Funded Project: UV-Marking

21 10 2013 01:56 PM | administrator in Latest News

U-MARQ Ltd is pleased to announce that we are participating in an EU Funded evaluation of new industrial processes using laser marking technology, along with our partners BSH Electrodomesticos, Espana, SA. (Spain), Rofin Sinar Laser GmbH. (Germany), R.Wirthwein AG. (Germany), IIva Glass SPA. (Italy), Torrecid SA. (Spain), Universidad de Zaragoza. (Spain) and DATALASE. (United Kingdom). This three year evaluation project should prove the case for taking new technologies into production. This will benefit many industries and the present production processes they are using, making them much more efficient and environmentally friendly.

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