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Avast Anti Virus Software


Avast Anti Virus


Currently we are experiencing issues with a file BT.dll dated 06.01.2006. This has been in use under license within Vistool software since this date. It appears that AVAST has now decided it is a virus and is deleting the file resulting in Vistool no longer operating. This is not a problem we can cure as there is nothing wrong with this file. If you continue to use AVAST the only thing you can do is to follow the instructions below.


To fix this problem please follow these simple steps


Step 1 - Please re-install the U-MARQ software using the disc provided with the engraving machine or download Version 8 from our website.


Step 2 - Restart the computer


Step 3 - Double Click on the software icon


Step 4 - Avast will appear in the bottom right corner of your computer screen

immediately click on Add the file to the scan exclusion list.

Step 5 - Open the software as normal.


We feel the scanning patterns Avast is using are too broad, like the case at hand. dll libraries are well known socket communications components, It is ridiculous to call it a virus. Apparently there are a number of posts on the internet reporting other types of deleted file.


We can assure you this is not a U-MARQ software problem and there is nothing we can do.

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