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New U-MARQ Engraving Software Build Update

  • Build 1545 is available to download from the U-MARQ website - LINK.

    Please note the further information below.

This latest build incorporates updates for compatibility with the latest Windows 10 update.

Please note that if you are updating from an earlier build than 1543 you may require a controller update to be carried out.

An illustration of this process can be seen at: LINK (To view this video you will need to be logged in to the forum).

It is IMPORTANT when carrying out this update that you do not interrupt the process, or connection to the machine whilst it is being carried out.

Written instructions of this process can be found within the latest Quick Start manuals available in the Download section of this forum.


Users of machines with a serial connection or using a USB to serial adaptor will have to use build 1538.

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