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U-MARQ Forum Feedback

  • Whilst U-MARQ continues its ongoing development of engraving and marking methods with machinery and software, we aim to provide useful and relevant information resources as a supplement to make ease of use as simple as possible.


    In respect to the U-MARQ forum we are looking for feedback to improve ease of use. How can we improve information retrieval and content?

We are looking for ideas and examples of use, rather than "I can't find it", please give us an idea on the best method you would prefer.


Are there any aspects missing from PDFs or videos?

When making these we can't make individual videos for every product ever engraved but can illustrate applicable methods to a multitude of items.

Each video or PDF should illustrate the process from start to finish, if you feel this is missing please link the relevant PDF or video with a brief description.


Examples of recent changes to improve use:

  • Added statement "If you do not receive the registration email please check you spam box, the email will be sent from forum@u-marq.com so please ensure that this is white listed (allowed)."" to Create Account screen to alleviate non-activated accounts.
  • Added " Dependent upon browser, version and required addons installed, you may experience a loss of the play icon button upon videos. Try refreshing the browser, or right click on the video player graphic and select Play, or right click and click Show controls. " to all screens for changes within web browsers.
  • A one page step guide for the Basic Engraving Set-up Steps

As we approach 1,000 registered forum users we look forward to improving the user experience for the future.


To provide feedback fill out the Contact Forum Admin form at LINK

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