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  4. Hi Please contact our UK based Technical Support details can be found at: They will be able to assist you.
  5. Hello! I'm trying to reinstall the GEM RX4 software onto a new PC, (it's a serial to USB connection), and when I try and set it up, and go to Properties > Destination Settings > Destination - it gives me option of Com 1 or Com 3, but when I click on either of them it says: Cannot Open Port 1 (or Port 3). I've been reading the forum posts, and someone else had the same trouble, and was advised to download the older build (I have downloaded the build b1545) but I can't find it on the site! Any help would be so appreciated! Many thanks
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  7. Hi M********e, I'm afraid I cant help. I haven't yet carried out any cutting as I haven't found any basic info on how to start. I'm going to have to jump in and learn by trial and error!
  8. Thank you i will give them a call 👍😊
  9. Hi For the X axis issue please call our Technical support number details can be found at: Regarding the lights all coming on this video shows how to reset the machine communication:
  10. hi i have had this machine a few years now its the GEM-CX5, i have recently started having a problem every time i send it back home to the left it move slowly to the right and will not stop unless i hit the emergency stop. also has started locking the lights so all the buttons show up lit up but unable to press anything? i hope this can be resolved or someone has some tips i have tried re downloading the software and that made it work for three times then went back to doing this. Thank you 😊
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    U-MARQ office is closed from December 23rd 2019 to 2nd January 2020. We would like to wish all our customers a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.
  12. The U-MARQ GEM-FX5 mill engraving two laminate signs from red on white material. Text and image with a clearing toolpath and utilising the swarf extraction system. Effective and clear signage created using the GEM-FX5s included software. GEM-FX5 - https://www.u-marq.com/gem-fx5-engraving-machine-em-00201 Accessories for GEM-FX5 - https://www.u-marq.com/gem-fx-accessories
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    Trophex Show 2020 January 12 - 13 on stand B2 U-MARQ will be exhibiting at Trophex 2020 Exhibition. This takes place at the NEC Birmingham from January 12 - 13. Please visit us on stand B2 to talk to the experts about your requirements. https://www.trophex.com/trophex Opening Times Sunday 12th January 2020 – 10am-5pm Monday 13th January 2020 – 9am-4pm Directions If using SatNav enter the following postcode: B40 1NT Trophex Live will be signposted within the NEC complex. Use the SOUTH car parks, which are nearest to the exhibition hall.
  14. The U-MARQ GEM-RX5, diamond engraving a letter opener with text and vector image, using the shading function included within its software. The letter opener was held within the Multi Purpose Jig set and utilised the Depth Profile software function to accommodate the step in heights from handle to blade. Personalise gifts, promotional items, and much more. Multi purpose jig set - https://www.u-marq.com/multi-purpose-jig-set-ac-00185 Letter opener - https://www.u-marq.com/letter-opener-in-a-shiny-metal-sheath-gde-01020
  15. For tidiness and clarity we are locking this topic, assuming time period indicates the issue is resolved.
  16. For tidiness and clarity we are locking this topic, assuming time period indicates the issue is resolved.
  17. For tidiness and clarity we are locking this topic, assuming time period indicates the issue is resolved.
  18. The U-MARQ GEM-RX5 computersied engraver, diamond engraving a car shaped keyring on its roof using depth profile and measure plate. Video shows the software set-up and engraving process, initials are engraved in a heart shape brought in via clip art. Personalise gifts, keyrings, tags, labels and much more using U-MARQ engravers and software. Item engraved is the GMK-13153 - https://www.u-marq.com/glitzy-beetle-car-keyring-gmk-13153.
  19. The U-MARQ GEM-FX5 computerised engraver, mill engraving a white on blue laminate sign with a graphic and text. Using a carbide cutter and swarf system. Bespoke signage and engraved items that can be created using imagination.
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  21. Need help. Seems the Gem-RX5 engraver I have is engraving lines that are not straight, but squiggly. I thought it might be an update issue with windows10, but even after update, it was the same. Any ideas?

  22. Hi Please contact with the serial number of the machine, model designation, windows operating system and please include as much information as possible as to what is happening – controller light illumination, communication status, mode being used, workspace size etc. : U-MARQ USA LLC. 137 Danbury Road #147 New Milford, CT 06776 Tel: +1-860 799 7800 Fax: +1-860 799 7806 [email protected] http://www.u-marq.us
  23. My machine is currently having trouble remembering the depth I set it at. I can do a job fine but when I go to repeat it the bit goes much further down than it was originally set at. I’ve tried uninstalling the software and reinstalled it but it still happens. I can get a few jobs done with repeat But it goes back to doing the same thing again. Any info would be greatly appriciated.
  24. Here's a quick poll regarding U-MARQs new look forum, please leave an explanation as descriptive as possible if necessary 😃
  25. madmin

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  26. Update - Pembers spoken to by phone
  27. Hello All, I'm having problems with my Gem CX5. I finish a job, send the spindle home and it moves back to the far left, however, it will then immediately move half an inch to the right. I then send it home again and it goes back to the left and begins slowly moving to the right. The only way to stop it moving is to turn off the machine otherwise it gets all the way to the right and tries to continue along, out the side of the housing!! When I restart the machine, it lets me do one or two jobs normally but starts playing up with the above tricks again pretty soon. I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting (Production:Reset etc) from the device to no avail. I have also tried several factory setting reboots. Still it continues. Any suggestions on how to rid myself of this bug would be gratefully received. Cheers Neil
  28. Hi If you check out the video at it shows how the tool works, using the mouse roller ball to enlarge or shrink the masking area.
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