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  2. Would anyone know a work around for the rx4 photo software? Or even know of anyone selling a second hand version of the disk? I have tried photoshop illustrator and coraldraw to make .ai images but they don’t work out to well. Any help/tips would be appreciated!
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  4. Have you had a look in the videos and download sections to see if there is anything to assist you.
  5. Sounds like you may need a replacement keypad.
  6. Hi, I have been trying for months now to engrave inside bangles with no success. As soon as I apply a little pressure onto the bangle, the band of the bangle moves and then the engraving is wonky. The jig is tight enough, and I cannot see what else I can do. Does anyone have any hints on how to solve this? I have attached a picture to show what is happening. The bangle is locked in the jig, but when I apply pressure it moves back and forth.
  7. How do you turn off autosaving software release 8 build 1532
  8. Hi! Recently our start/stop button won't light up and become active and ready to start. We devised a work-around using the repeat button, but this is less than ideal! Does anyone have any ideas on what to do? We've tried reseting, etc!
  9. Well, what I've noticed is extremely close to zero. A couple messages have one reply. Most have zero replies. What are these people doing for 8 hours a day at the office? Jerking off? Nobody can do that for 8 hours straight. As I alluded to before there's a different work ethic in UK than US. I'll never understand.
  10. Yes you can so long as you have the scanning and logo generation add on software package.
  11. Can a jpg. photo be traced similar to a logo, to get a more penciled sketch look? Thank you, Shari
  12. Hi: I wondered if you have a software update? I still have slow performance with windows 10 The only way to work fast enough is with windows 7 or lower version
  13. Any members got suggestions

  14. I have recently been Picture engraving on Hip Flasks. I have been using diamond drag, both with Light touch and Brass cutter knob methods. I have also repeated the engravings twice, I found that the picture was not as clear as I would have liked by both these methods. I also tried Logos and text which were extremely clear. Does anyone have any advice on improving the clarity of these picture engravings, would a Burnishing diamond help ? The settings for the picture engravings we’re spot on. Any advice would be appreciated. Allsorts.
  15. It is not possible to engrave a picture on glass.
  16. I'm trying to engrave a photo on flat glass. Any help would be great. Thanks so much!
  17. I'm trying to engrave a photo on flat glass. Any help would be great. Thanks so much!
  18. I update windows 10, and the dongle is not reconize.... anyone know how to fix that, I uninstall and reinstall again and still nothing 

    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help

  19. Hello, I tried both types of fonts, the true font was the one which the @ sign engraved. Thanks again John G.
  20. Hi can you let us know what the font is? Is a Vistool font or a TrueType font? Are you shading the font? Did the @ symbol show on screen before engraving, if so was it blue or black? General information on fonts can be found at:
  21. Hello, I was recently engraving a hip flask, part of the engraving was an e-mail address. I use Windows 10, the e-mail address was typed out properly, ie xxxx@hotmail.co.uk. On the computer screen the text and symbol were correct. When the engraving was complete there was no @ sign just a space.on the engraved flask. Is this a conflict of USA (English) and UK (English) keyboards. Looking forward to some input. Thanks.
  22. Hi, yes, taking into account workspace size will have an effect on character height. Shown below is 10 lines of text on a 75x75mm workspace and character height is 2.06mm - created using auto-layout.
  23. I was going to engrave a poem I wrote, it has 10 lines will the auto text on a specified dimension work.
  24. Hi You are correct in your post. Pictures taken on an electronic device will have more pixels than pictures taken off of a web based application. When images are posted on the web they are generally downsized to increase download speed and optimised for viewing on a smaller screen / image size. If the original can be obtained at the greater size you can always downsize. With small images it is difficult to upsize and get a good result. It would be dependent on software, it is adding pixels that dont exist to an image, and I cannot recommend a software package that is capable of adding to images for this application. The post gives a brief overview of differences.
  25. I have recently purchased the Picture engraving package for my Gem RX engraving machine. Having engraved quite a few pictures now I feel that photographs captured by camera be it from mobile phone, iPad, tablet or digital camera then sent to me by e-mail of approximately 2Mb in size give me the best results. I am sure these pictures of greater size give the finished picture greater resolution and detail. The Facebook and WhatsApp photos can have sizes of between 75 to 120 Kb I don’t think the picture engravings resulting from photos this size are potentially as good as the above. Does anyone have any experience of this and what are your secrets of obtaining the optimum settings for a clear and sharp engraving.
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