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reinstalling software, "The dongle cannot be found" error, pages missing from our paper manual

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we've got an RX4 (#6664-09-06), and GEM-RX software (#1197b), and reinstalling on a replacement XP computer with a USB-to-Serial adapter...

where do we download a .PDF manual? 

(this was bought in 2006, and our manual has had pages 10 through 28 removed... the section that apparently tells how to install the software!)

and- we've installed drivers for this "Sentinel HASP Key", but the software still says "Demo" mode, and upon clicking Help/Registration, it gives the error- "The dongle cannot be found". 

how do we get this thing engraving again?

(Device Manager reports that the USB-to-Serial and the dongle are both installed correctly... )



Port Hadlock, WA, USA

(and I have screenshots, but- apparently this forum doesn't allow attachments?)

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