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  1. I am afraid it is not possible to Photo Engrave on Glass with a mechanical engraving machine.
  2. Have you had a look in the videos and download sections to see if there is anything to assist you.
  3. Sounds like you may need a replacement keypad.
  4. Yes you can so long as you have the scanning and logo generation add on software package.
  5. It is not possible to engrave a picture on glass.
  6. Indonesian Scam Site http://www.godesignsupply.com/ also http://www.hendrik-wijaya.com/ and another http://www.hazelprinter.com/ Have raised it's ugly head again. Anyone dealings with these site will not get any products and will probably have their credit card maxed out or bank account cleared.
  7. Hi, Just update to the latest version of Vistool, its free for all registered 8 users. You will then see the A icon on the top right of the Text Edit Box. Admin.
  8. No it is not it is not possible, you will need a CO2 laser.
  9. Hi, If you look at the following link you will find an extensive tutorial video on cut out. http://www.u-marq.com/forum/videos/category-11-cutting-out-names/ Regards, Administrator.
  10. admin

    Beta Testing

    You will have to be a registered user to apply: LINK All fully active Beta Testers will be entitled to one free upgrade from Vistool version 8 to Vistool-XE. This will be the same version with any extra modules that there Dongle Serial No. is registered for.
  11. The licensing for spell checker that will integrate with the development platform are very expensive, so the price would have to reflect this. They are also charged per language, at the moment we would need in excess of 20.
  12. Unfortunately we don't. You do not need a VAT number to register just leave it blank. If you are having trouble you should really contact your local Dealer in New Zealand.
  13. Avast Anti Virus Currently we are experiencing issues with a file BT.dll dated 06.01.2006. This has been in use under license within Vistool software since this date. It appears that AVAST has now decided it is a virus and is deleting the file resulting in Vistool no longer operating. This is not a problem we can cure as there is nothing wrong with this file. If you continue to use AVAST the only thing you can do is to follow the instructions below. To fix this problem please follow these simple steps Step 1 - Please re-install the U-MARQ software using the disc provided with the engraving machine or download Version 8 from our website. Step 2 - Restart the computer Step 3 - Double Click on the software icon Step 4 - Avast will appear in the bottom right corner of your computer screen immediately click on Add the file to the scan exclusion list. Step 5 - Open the software as normal. We feel the scanning patterns Avast is using are too broad, like the case at hand. dll libraries are well known socket communications components, It is ridiculous to call it a virus. Apparently there are a number of posts on the internet reporting other types of deleted file. We can assure you this is not a U-MARQ software problem and there is nothing we can do.
  14. admin


    We are pleased to announce the release of our latest U-MARQ Engraving Machine the GEM-ZX5. The GEM-ZX5 is the next step in the range of affordable engraving machines from U-MARQ Ltd. Ring Engraving With its inside and outside ring engraving capacity of 12 to 28 mm, makes this the ideal retail dedicated ring engraver. The bonus for purchases ot the GEM-ZX5 is a modular design allows you to add accessories to bring greater versatility to your investment. Pen Engraving By adding the Pen Attachment you can turn your GEM-ZX5 into the complete Pen Engraver. with the capacity to engrave 360° around most engravable pens. Cylindrical Glass and Small Cup Attachment This will enable you to hold shot glasses, small champagne glasses, wine glasses and numerous other small cylindrical objects up to 58 mm diameter x 175 mm long and engrave them on your U-MARQ GEM-ZX5. The supplied GEM-ZX 8 software has been configured to make all these normally complicated task, ease for the ordinary retailer or their staff to use to get spectacular results. Note: The Pen Attachment must be purchased before the Cylindrical Glass and Small Cup Attachment can be fitted to the GEM-ZX5.
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