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  1. Hi can you let us know what the font is? Is a Vistool font or a TrueType font? Are you shading the font? Did the @ symbol show on screen before engraving, if so was it blue or black? General information on fonts can be found at:
  2. Hi, yes, taking into account workspace size will have an effect on character height. Shown below is 10 lines of text on a 75x75mm workspace and character height is 2.06mm - created using auto-layout.
  3. Hi You are correct in your post. Pictures taken on an electronic device will have more pixels than pictures taken off of a web based application. When images are posted on the web they are generally downsized to increase download speed and optimised for viewing on a smaller screen / image size. If the original can be obtained at the greater size you can always downsize. With small images it is difficult to upsize and get a good result. It would be dependent on software, it is adding pixels that dont exist to an image, and I cannot recommend a software package that is capable of adding to images for this application. The post gives a brief overview of differences.
  4. Hi It may be that the font is incompatible with the engraving software, or made in such a way that it isn't created correctly. Various links can be found in the post With a video of use at: and PDF of True Type font at:
  5. © U-MARQ Ltd

  6. U-MARQs GEM-FX5 engraving anodised aluminium id tags with consecutive numbers for serial numbering, with a diamond cutter. Logo with shading and multi-line text engraved.
  7. U-MARQ GEM-FX engraving multiple blue id tags with logo and serial number

    © U-MARQ Ltd

  8. U-MARQs GEM-FX engraving a CCTV in operation sign. Artwork used was a scanned image, and an outline font, utilising the clearing toolpath function to clear the text. Material is a 3mm yellow/black/yellow rigid laminate. Addiditional equipment used includes a swarf extractor, swarf extractor nose cone and hose. Signage requirements for CCTV are dependent upon country and use, whether domestic or business, please check you local requirements. The GEM-FX lets you meet a wide range of signage, personalising, marking requirements, over a range of material types.
  9. © U-MARQ Ltd

  10. madmin

    Uni Perfume Bottle.jpg

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  11. madmin

    GEM-TX Engraving 32mm Tags.jpg

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  12. © U-MARQ Ltd

  13. madmin

    Crystal Bones.jpg

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