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  1. Glasses come in many different types of quality and composition. Luckily, most common glass types are suitable for laser engraving. And we can achieve striking results with varying types of glass which include the following: Cast glass: This is glass whose production process involves casting molten glass objects into a mold where it solidifies. Mirror glass engraving: Ordinary glass, coated on its back surface with silver and can produce images by reflection Window glass: This is glass we cut in shapes for windows and doors as well. Bottles: These are glass bottles manufacturers use for packaging products, applicable in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, drinks and other industries. Drinking glass engraving: These include wine glasses and other drinking glasses that are ideal for bars, weddings, restaurants, hotels, corporate events and special occasions. Container glass: These are containers like bowls or bottles with a wide opening, which people use for various purposes. Glass awards & trophies: Given to individuals, group of people or organization's to recognize their excellence in a particular field [url=https://www.heatsign.com/blog-and-news/]https://www.heatsign.com/blog-and-news/[/url]
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