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  1. Hello, Greetings from Ireland Am completely new to this so please be patient with me. I bought a used Gem FX for my small pet cremation business. The plate on the rear has the following info . Serial number 6653-08-06. model gem-FX . Dongle has serial No 6653 also. I am trying to connect to serial port on engraver with a USB converter. VisMec 8 version 8 build 414 Aug 18th 2010 has been installed on a PC running windows 7 which I got to run the machine as I was having difficulties downloading software to my new PC. No matter how I try I cannot get the two machines to communicate. I have all the lights on the engraver and the machine makes no sound or movement at all. The dongle is recognised by the PC but for some reason the message says Gem FX not connected. I have gone through the factory reset as per the video on this site. I am now assuming that the serial port adaptor is not correct. The PC and the engraver have serial ports so I think I will get a serial cable and try it. However there are two different types of serial cable . Can anyone advise as to exactly which serial cable I need and also give any advice as to anything else I may be doing wrong here.
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