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  1. CraftyPug, Willing to discuss sale of UMARQ GEM-RX5 that is posted on this site....... Not sure how to handle shipping from Florida to UK. Please reply to : stevetriece@gmail.com
  2. OFFERS CONSIDERED ! Photos and copy of the original purchase receipt available. stevetriece@gmail.com
  3. Original (only) owner of a U-MARQ GEM-RX5 engraving machine purchased in June 2016 from Custom Engraving Company in Melbourne, Florida. Purchased for private (one user) to create new jewelry products (Heiclaire). Purchased accessories in June 2018 : 1) SP-00220 Jig Pins to fit Multi-Purpose Jig Set, 2). AC-00185 Multi Purpose Jig Set for engraving hard to hold objects, and 3). AC-00130 Cufflinks Jig. Price: $3,900.00 Sale in continental US only. Buyer pays shipping costs. Located in Florida. Please contact via email. stevetriece@gmail.com
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