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GEM-CX Accessories

GEM-CX Accessories


U-MARQ supply accessories and enhancements for your U-MARQ GEM-CX Engraving Machine. These are designed to increase the flexibility and profitability of your existing equipment.

5 Carbide Cutter Starter Pack.

5 Carbide Cutter Starter Pack

Product Code: CC-00120


Bottle Holding Adapter.

Bottle Holding Adapter

Product Code: AC-00138


Cufflinks Jig,

Cufflinks Jig

Product Code: AC-00130


GEM-CX Ring Engraver.

GEM-CX Ring Engraver

Product Code: AC-00119


Multi Purpose Jig Set.

Multi Purpose Jig Set

Product Code: AC-00185


Picture Engraving.

Picture Engraving

Product Code: SW-00104


Sacrifice Material.

Sacrifice Material

Product Code: SP-00179


Super Sticky Mat GEM-FX and GEM-CX.

Super Sticky Mat GEM-FX and GEM-CX

Product Code: AC-00133


Super Swarf Extractor.

Super Swarf Extractor

Product Code: GT-00118


Super Swarf Extractor Hose.

Super Swarf Extractor Hose

Product Code: GT-00160


Cutlery Jig.

Cutlery Jig

Product Code: AC-00126


Bangle Attachment.

Bangle Attachment

Product Code: AC-00101


Jewellery Jig.

Jewellery Jig

Product Code: AC-00124


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