GEM-fX Software Purchases


The Vistool-XE GEM-FX Software supplied as standard with the GEM-FX6 Engraving Machine. You can upgrade your GEM-FX4 and GEM-FX5. This is a complete package, therefore there are only one software upgrade options is an Extended Graphics Package.

GEM 8 Scanning and Logo Generation Software.

GEM Scanning and Logo Generation

Product Code: SW-00103


GEM-FX 8 Basic Engraving Software.

GEM-FX 8 Basic Engraving Software

Product Code: SW-00105


GEM-FX Design Dongle.

GEM-FX Design Dongle

Product Code: SW-00106


GEM-FX Replacement Software Dongle.

GEM-FX Replacement Software Dongle

Product Code: SW-00111


Picture Engraving.

Picture Engraving

Product Code: SW-00104


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