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Here you will find spare parts for all models of GEM gift and jewellery engraving machines. If you have a problem and cant find what you are looking for, please consult your Local Dealer or contact U-MARQ directly.

24 volt Switch Mode Power Supply

24 volt Switch Mode Power Supply

Product Code: EPT-00500


Acetyl Nose Cones

Acetyl Nose Cones

Product Code: SP-00001


Bangle Attachment Holding Bobbins.

Bangle Attachment Holding Bobbins

Product Code: SP-00110


GEM ''Z'' Axis Drive Belt

GEM ''Z'' Axis Drive Belt

Product Code: SP-00158


GEM Acetyl Vernier.

GEM Acetyl Vernier

Product Code: SP-00135


GEM Pen Drive Bush.

GEM Pen Drive Bush

Product Code: SP-00100


GEM Pen Support Bush.

GEM Pen Support Bush

Product Code: SP-00105


GEM Replacement Spindle.

GEM Replacement Spindle

Product Code: SP-00103


GEM Ring Engraver Replcement Chuck.

GEM Ring Engraver Replcement Chuck

Product Code: SP-00164


GEM Spindle Drive Belt.

GEM Spindle Drive Belt

Product Code: SP-00101


GEM Spindle Spanner.

GEM Spindle Spanner

Product Code: SP-00139


GEM Tail Stock Ball Race.

GEM Tail Stock Ball Race

Product Code: SP-00119


GEM Tail Stock Clamp Strip.

GEM Tail Stock Clamp Strip

Product Code: SP-00117


GEM Tailstock Complete.

GEM Tailstock Complete

Product Code: SP-00118


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