GEM-RX Accessories

GEM-RX Accessories
U-MARQ supply accessories and enhancements for your U-MARQ GEM Engraving Machine. These are designed to increase the flexibility and profitability of your existing equipment.
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5 Cutter Starter Pack
Starter pack of 11/64" x 6 1/2" carbide cutters contains 5 cutters with different tip..
Bead Holding Jigs
This jig is for holding Pandora type beads and others enabling them to be personalized. You are..
Cufflinks Jig
These cufflinks jigs will hold a pair of round, square, rectangular or oval cufflinks. Thse are..
GEM 8 Scanning and Logo Generation Software
Scanning and Logo Generation 8 is an add on to your basic software package. This allows you to scan ..
GEM Extra Font Pack
GEM Extra Font Pack upgrades your GEM-TX and GEM-RX basic software package and extends it to gi..
GEM Swarf Extractor
Swarf Extractor to fit the spindle housing on the GEM-FX, GEM-RX and GEM-TX. Ready to fit onto an ex..
GEM Vernier Adapter
This Acetyl Vernier Adapter will allow you to use a replaceable acetyl nose cone, (part no. AC-00105..
GEM-RX Design Dongle
A Design Dongle allows you to design your work by installing the software on any PC. Then by pluggin..
GEM-RX Ring Engraver
The Inside/ Outside Ring attachment comes with fitting to allow you to engrave the inside and outsid..
Multi Purpose Jig Set
Multi Purpose Jig Set for engraving hard to hold objects, with 156 holes by utilising 4 plastic coat..
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Multipurpose Jig Set for hard to hold Bangles and other Objects
Multipurpose Jig Set for hard to hold Bangles and other Objects that need holding vertically, c..
Picture Engraving
Picture Engraving upgrades your basic software package and enables you to engrave pictures on b..
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Super Swarf Extractor
U-MARQ Super Swarf Extractor extraction units have been developed for the safe and effective re..
Super Swarf Extractor Hose
Super Swarf Extractor Hose sold in full metre lengths only. If you are purchasing this for a GEM-RX ..
Vernier Adapter Ring
A stainless steel ring that is required to hold the replaceable acetyl nose cone (part no. AC-00105)..
Cutlery Jig
Special Acetyl Jig Set for holding all types of cutlery secure while engraving. Will fit all U-MARQ ..
GEM Cylindrical Glass and Small Cup Attachment
Cylindrical Glass and Small Cup Attachment. This wil enable you to hold shot glasses, smal..
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Bangle Attachment
Extends the use of your Inside/Outside Ring Engraving attachment to engrave Bangles up to 70 mm diam..
Jewellery Jig
Special Acetyl Jig Set for holding all types of jewellery and gifts secure while engraving..
Plastic Coated Jig Pin Set 13 mm
Plastic coated 13mm plastic covered Jig Pin Set used in conjunction with our jig set (Part No. AC-00..
Plastic Coated Jig Pin Set 20 mm
Plastic coated 20 mm jig pin set used in conjunction with our standard jigs (Part No. AC-00100 and A..
Pen Jig
Special Acetyl Jig for holding all types of pens a single line of text secure while engraving, ..
Set of Three Jigs
A set of three Acetyl Jigs (can be purchased separately if required). This special set consist ..
Special Jigs for Engraving Glitter Tags
Special jigs to make holding glitter tags much easier when engraving. ..
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