GEM-ZX Accessories

GEM-ZX Accessories
U-MARQ supply accessories and enhancements for your U-MARQ GEM Engraving Machine. These are designed to increase the flexibility and profitability of your existing equipment.
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GEM 8 Scanning and Logo Generation Software
Scanning and Logo Generation 8 is an add on to your basic software package. This allows you to scan ..
GEM Extra Font Pack
GEM Extra Font Pack upgrades your GEM-TX and GEM-RX basic software package and extends it to gi..
GEM-ZX5 Pen Attachment
By adding the Pen Attachment you can turn your GEM-ZX5 into the complete Pen Engraver. with the capa..
GEM Cylindrical Glass and Small Cup Attachment
Cylindrical Glass and Small Cup Attachment. This wil enable you to hold shot glasses, smal..
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Bangle Attachment
Extends the use of your Inside/Outside Ring Engraving attachment to engrave Bangles up to 70 mm diam..
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