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GEM-ZX Software


U-MARQ with its unique in house developed software, can offer a number of options to enhance your GEM engraving machine. These will help you to expand your engraving ability and therefore your customer base, to put you on the road to greater profits.

GEM Extra Font Pack.

GEM Extra Font Pack

Product Code: SW-00102


GEM 8 Scanning and Logo Generation Software.

GEM Scanning and Logo Generation

Product Code: SW-00103


GEM-ZX 8 Basic Engraving Software.

GEM-ZX 8 Basic Engraving Software

Product Code: SW-00135


GEM-ZX Design Dongle.

GEM-ZX Design Dongle

Product Code: SW-00138


GEM-ZX Replacement Software Dongle

GEM-ZX Replacement Software Dongle

Product Code: SW-00137


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