General Machines

General Machines


U-MARQ has carefully selected range of value for money general machine tools from around the world especially for the engraver. You will find good quality and value for money, machines made to last.

12'' Guillotine for Trophy Metals, Jewellers Brass and Plastic.

12'' Guillotine

Product Code: GT-00111


Corner Rounder

Corner Rounder

Product Code: GT-00125


Super Swarf Extractor.

Super Swarf Extractor

Product Code: GT-00118


Varga Beveller for Brass and Laminates.

Varga Beveller

Product Code: GT-00121


Varga Material Stop.

Varga Material Stop

Product Code: GT-00123


Varga VA10 Safety Saw for Cutting Brass and Laminates.

Varga VA10 Safety Saw

Product Code: GT-00120


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