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The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak.


U-MARQ Ltd are following the UK Governments advice and restrictions to protect our workforce and customers. Therefore we will be closing our offices and factory from the above date. We will be ceasing shipping products with immediate effect (24-03-2020) until further notice.


Machine technical support will still be available on 07748 645636 Monday to Friday 10 am to 4 pm.




U-MARQ manufactures a number of Jigs. These have been designed with great care to increase the versatility and productivity of your U-MARQ engraving machine. These make holding item possible that in the past have been difficult or even impossible to engrave efficiently. We also have the ability to design and manufacturer custom jigs to hold special or very dificult to hold items. These can be manufactured as a one off or in larger quantities.

Bead Holding Jigs.

Bead Holding Jigs

Product Code: AC-00182


Cufflinks Jig,

Cufflinks Jig

Product Code: AC-00130


Multi Purpose Jig Set.

Multi Purpose Jig Set

Product Code: AC-00185


Multipurpose Jig Set for hard to hold Bangles and other Objects.

Multipurpose Jig Set for Bangles

Product Code: AC-00186


Cutlery Jig.

Cutlery Jig

Product Code: AC-00126


Jewellery Jig.

Jewellery Jig

Product Code: AC-00124


Jig Blanks.

Jig Blanks

Product Code: AC-00132


Plastic Coated Jig Pin Set 13 mm.

Plastic Coated Jig Pin Set 13 mm

Product Code: AC-00127


Plastic Coated Jig Pin Set 20 mm.

Plastic Coated Jig Pin Set 20 mm

Product Code: AC-00129


Pen Jig.

Pen Jig

Product Code: AC-00123


Set of Three Jigs.

Set of Three Jigs

Product Code: AC-00125


Standard Aluminium Jig Set.

Standard Aluminium Jig Set

Product Code: AC-00136


Standard Acetyl Jig Set.

Standard Acetyl Jig Set

Product Code: AC-00120


Watch and Medal Jig.

Watch and Medal Jig

Product Code: AC-00121


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