Large Tag Starter Kit

Large Tag Starter Kit
Product Code: TAG-01000
Price: £235.00

Plus Shipping and Taxes


Due to the Anodising Process the colour may vary.

Tag Starter Kit consists of 557 pet, military, sports and other assorted tags in various colours, complete in a handy storage box and a Display Board for your counter top.

This package consists of the following:

TAG-00007 x 4, TAG-00001 x 16, TAG-00021 x 16,
TAG-00002 x 16, TAG-00016 x 16, TAG-00003 x 16,
TAG-00004 x 16, TAG-00005 x 16, TAG-00006 x 16,
TAG-00026 x 16, TAG-00017 x 16, TAG-00008 x 16,
TAG-00018 x 16, TAG-00009 x 16, TAG-00010 x 16,
TAG-00011 x 16, TAG-00012  x 16, TAG-00014 x 16,
TAG-00015 x 16, TAG-00019 x 16, TAG-00022 x 16,
TAG-00028 x 8, TAG-00094 x 16, TAG-00027 x 16,
TAS-00005 x 8, TAS-00002 x 18, TAS-00006 x 8,  
TAG-00025 x 9, TAG-00040 x 5, TAG-00042 x 5,
TAG-00044 x 5, TAG-00041 x 5, TAG-00043 x 5,
TAG-00045 x 5, SIL-00001 x 10, SR-00001 x 100, 
CHA-00100 x 10, DIS-00100 x 1.

Contents may vary due to stock levels, quantity and value will stay the same.

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