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24 volt Switch Mode Power Supply
Switch Mode Power Supply, suitable for all USB GEM controllers except the GEM-CX. ..
5 Cutter Starter Pack
Starter pack of 11/64" x 6 1/2" carbide cutters contains 5 cutters with different tip..
Acetyl Nose Cones
Replacement Acetyl Nose Cones used to regulate the depth of  cut when deep engraving, available..
Bangle Attachment Holding Bobbins
Bobbins used for holding the item on the Bangle attachment, fitted with M3 stud. ..
Bead Holding Jigs
This jig is for holding Pandora type beads and others enabling them to be personalized. You are..
Controller  Membrane Keypad
Membrane Keypad suitable for all U-MARQ engraving machines, without hand console. ..
Cufflinks Jig
These cufflinks jigs will hold a pair of round, square, rectangular or oval cufflinks. Thse are..
GEM ''Z'' Axis Drive Belt
Replacement "Z" axsis drive belt for the GEM-RX4, GEM-RX5, GEM-FX5, GEM-FX4, GEM-TX5, GEM-..
GEM 8 Scanning and Logo Generation Software
Scanning and Logo Generation 8 is an add on to your basic software package. This allows you to scan ..
GEM Acetyl Vernier
Acetyl Vernier and Nose Cone for use to control the depth when deep engraving. This accessory only f..
GEM Extra Font Pack
GEM Extra Font Pack upgrades your GEM-TX and GEM-RX basic software package and extends it to gi..
GEM Pen Drive Bush
Acetyl Pen Drive Bush, fits the driven end, suitable for the GEM-RX, GEM-RX4 GEM-ZX5 and G..
GEM Pen Support Bush
This only fitts GEM-RX, GEM-RX4 , GEM-RX5 and GEM-ZX5 Pen Support Bush, fits in the tailstock. ..
GEM Ring Engraver Chuck
Replacement Inside/Outside Ring engraving chuck. This comes complete with specially machined jaws an..
GEM Rubber Pen Holder Insert Driven End
GEM drive stock rubber pen holder insert, suitable for the GEM-RX, GEM-VX4, GEM-CX, GEM-ZX and ..
GEM Spindle
Replacement Spindle for the U-MARQ GEM-FX, GEM-ZX, GEM-TX, GEM-RX and GEM-VX4 series of en..
GEM Spindle Bearings
High quality replacement spindle bearings for all U-MARQ Engraving Machines fitted with an 11/6..
GEM Spindle Drive Belt
Replacement spindle drive belt for the GEM-RX, FX, TX, ZX and VX4 series of machines. ..
GEM Spindle Spanner
The GEM Spindle Spanner is used to hold the spindle whilst removing the cutter holder. ..
GEM Swarf Extractor
Swarf Extractor to fit the spindle housing on the GEM-FX, GEM-RX and GEM-TX. Ready to fit onto an ex..
GEM Tail Stock Ball Race
High quality Ball Race to fit the GEM-RX, GEM-RX4, GEM-RX5 and GEM-ZX5 tailstock pen suppo..
GEM Tail Stock Clamp Strip
GEM-RX, GEM-RX4, GEM-RX5  and GEM-ZX5 stainless steel tail stock Clamp Strip. ..
GEM Tailstock Complete
Complete Tailstock for the GEM-RX, GEM-RX4, GEM-RX5 does not include pen support bush, (Part No..
GEM Vernier Adapter
This Acetyl Vernier Adapter will allow you to use a replaceable acetyl nose cone, (part no. AC-00105..
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