U-MARQ with its unique in house developed software, can offer a number of options to enhance your GEM engraving machine. These will help you to expand your engraving ability and therefore your customer base, to put you on the road to greater profits.
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GEM 8 Scanning and Logo Generation Software
Scanning and Logo Generation 8 is an add on to your basic software package. This allows you to scan ..

GEM Extra Font Pack
GEM Extra Font Pack upgrades your GEM-TX and GEM-RX basic software package and extends it to gi..

GEM-ZX 8 Basic Engraving Software
The GEM-ZX Engraving Software package version 8 is the complete engraving package, with st..

GEM-ZX Design Dongle
A Design Dongle allows you to design your work by installing the software on any PC. Then by pluggin..

GEM-ZX Replacement Software Dongle
If your Dongle is damaged or malfunctions in any way after the warranty period, you can purchase a r..

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