Super Swarf Extractor

Super Swarf Extractor
Manufactured By: Bofa Ltd.
Product Code: GT-00118
Price: £625.00

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Swarf Extractor Data Sheet 16/05/2019 1.14MB download
U-MARQ Super Swarf Extractor extraction units have been developed for the safe and effective removal of swarf and smaller particulates during processes such as routing, mechanical engraving, grinding and lathing. The pumps used in the U-MARQ Super Swarf Extractor are brushless and designed for continuous running with 30,000 hours use before servicing. They generate high vacuums and are quiet in operation. The large capacity bag filter has a very high efficiency and can be replaced. If you are purchasing this for a GEM-RX or GEM-FX which uses AC-00112 Swarf Extractor plase select 10 mm hose. If you are purchasing this for a GEM-CX or Universal which uses AC-00113 Swarf Extractor plase select 12 mm hose.

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