The Bar

The Bar


Gifts that will enhance any bar be it for home or business entertaining. These accessories will give the occasion that bit of extra prestige. Most items can be engraved to give the personal touch.

These are only available to purchase through our on line shop.

Car Keyring

Carkey Keyring

Product Code: GMK-13100

£1.75 £2.99

Stainless Steel 3oz Hip Flask.

Stainless Steel 3oz Hip Flask

Product Code: GBA-02256

£4.25 £5.25

Engravable Anodised Money Clips.

Anodised Money Clips

Product Code: GHI-00010


Engravable Brushed Stainless Steel 6oz Hip Flask.

Brushed Stainless Steel 6oz Hip Flask

Product Code: GBA-00111

£2.50 £3.99

Chrome Champagne Stopper.

Chrome Champagne Stopper

Product Code: GBA-02208

£3.50 £4.95

Round Polished 5oz Hip Flask.

Round Polished 5oz Hip Flask

Product Code: GBA-00113

£2.75 £5.50

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