Varga VA10 Safety Saw

Varga VA10 Safety Saw
Manufactured By: Varga
Product Code: GT-00120
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Varga Saw Data Sheet17/11/201725.13KBdownload
The Varga VA10 Safety Saw may be used to cut almost every type of plastic engraving stock, including Acrylics, Laminates, Micro-thin ABS,  Clear Acrylics, Formica, PVC, Phenolics, Rubber, Felt and other plastics. You can also cut Aluminum, Brass and other Non-ferrous metals, these will dull the blade quicker than plastics. With a 350 Watt high speed motor, 120 mm carbide tipped blade and a maximum cutting length 610 mm x 6.3 mm thickness (4 mm in Non-ferrous metals), it's ideal for the busy workshop.

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